Etoksamin - the New Generation of Disinfection


Pig-Breeding Complexes

The agent is effective against erysipelas.

Besides Etoksamin is the only agent that can eliminate the nidus of African swine fever in the shortest period of time - just one hour. No any existing agent has similar result.
The efficacy of the Etoksamin is proved by clinical trials conducted by State Scientific Institution VNIIVVM of Russian Agricultural Academy named after Pokrovsky.

The uniqueness of the agent is that it can be used in the places where animals are kept.

Breeding and cattle reproduction companies and milk farms

The Disinfectant Etoksamin has been tested in many agricultural cattle breeding companies. This disinfectant is efficient against the infectious agents of the following diseases:

- brucellosis, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, toxoplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, leukemia, bovine viral diarrhea, edema diseases, atrophic rhinitis, dysentery, diarrheal diseases of young cattle, caused by pathogenic flora, infectious bronchitis;

- Adenovirus infection, foot- and- mouth disease, smallpox, ornithosis, staphilococcal infection, streptococcosis, rabies , plague, aspergillosis, moniliasis, tinea, microsporia, other animals mycosis, enteroviral infections; animal influenza; infectious fever, foot rot;

- Tuberculosis, splenic fever and other viruses and infections.

Poultry Companies

Etoksamin is efficient against bird mycoplasmosis, bird influenza, enteroviral infection ; gosling viral enteritis, coccidiosis, Newkastle disease, salmonellosis, collibacillosis, bacillary white diarrhea, chicken cholera.

Etoksamin turned out to be very effective in treatment of hatching eggs surface . As a result of surface disinfection healthy birds are born.

Treatment of production facilities and production equipment at the poultry factories, shops for processing of killing agents, diseased poultry slaughter units and refrigerated rooms by this disinfectant completely eliminate the Escherichia coli.
Usage of the agent for disinfecting barriers and filling of disinfecting mats has shown its effectiveness.

Many different fields of activity

The disinfectant is also effective for fur farms and fur fur-processing of raw materials before production, for disinfection of slaughtering shops and fodder kitchens.

Etoksamin is recommended to use in zoos and circuses.
The usage of this agent leads to incidence reduction among animals which are kept in cages.

For vegetable stores and granaries

Etoksamin is used in treatment of vegetable storage and packaging. It is also effective in elimination of black mold and fungi. It is used for treatment of grain warehouses before stowing.

For the Food and Processing Industries:

It is permitted to use Etoksamin for current and preventive disinfection at food and processing productions. Equipment, refrigeration sewage, etc. are subject to treatment.

For the Veterinary Service

- Agents for zootechnical and veterinary use;
- Working clothes and footwear of maintenance staff;
- Hairdressing tools for animals;
- Areas which have veterinary and sanitary problems;
- For treatment of machines in sanitary inspection rooms objects under veterinary control as preventive disinfection and forced disinfection;
- Equipment and inventory in nurseries, vivarium, veterinary laboratories, hospitals and clinics, as well as in homes where pets are kept.

For the Ministry of Health

Etoksamin is used effectively in health and leisure institutions, in infectious disease hospital, dermatovenerologic dispensaries.
It is used for treatment of surgical instruments, the operating units, intensive care units, post-mortem offices, mortuaries, ambulance transport used for transportation of infectious patients and corpses.
The sanitizer for surgeons for hand washing is already developed and put into production.
Disinfectant Etokcamin is the only of its kind. It is aimed to eliminate the hospital-acquired infections completely.
Etoksamin is the only one among the disinfectants that has a shelf life of 12 month

For the transport of medical waste

Usage of this agent Etoksamin for treatment of class B wastes allows you to safely transport the waste, without using the services of special transport.

For pharmaceutical companies

It is also effective at pharmaceutical and immuno-biological industry for treatment of boxes and laboratory glassware , sewage. The usage of this agent leads to cost reduction on ecological safety of companies.

For the Ministry of Housing and Building

It is used for preventive disinfection in hotels, water parks , for treatment of pool decks and shower rooms. It is used for treatment of halls in malls and shopping centers , office spaces. In addition, this agent is used for treatment of rubbish receptacles and rubbish disposal systems, ventilation system , lifting equipment, basements.

For the Ministry of Transport :

Etoksamin is used in current and preventive disinfection of bus terminals, railway stations, airports, river stations. In addition, this agent is used for the treatment of buses and trolleybuses interior, airplane cabins, boats; disinfecting of toilets on the airplanes and river boats. The usage of Etoksamin is effective in subways for treatment of both subway stations and rolling stock.

For the system of the Ministry of Water Transport and Water Services

The usage of Etokcamin is effective on fishing trawlers and floating fish processing factories.

For Penitentiary Services

Mass infection of prisoners in penitentiary facilities is major problem, in particular infecting by tuberculosis bacillus.

The advantage of the agent is that the disinfection of prison wards and other rooms can be done in the presence of people.

There is no need for the people to come out of the rooms .

For Public Utilities Companies

Etoksamin has to be used for trearment of dump sites and special purpose machines.

The agent favors the sorption of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans odors (biomass degradation agents), which improve the environmental situation in the dump sites and off-site areas.

To disinfect and deodorize dry closets

The agent is used for disinfection and deodorizing of dry closets, rubbish receptacles and sewage cleaning machines.
The agent can be effectively used in water and sewage services for treatment of residual sludge and reduction of the Hazard Class from 9-th to 4-th class , which is safe for further transportation and disposal. It also can be used for instantaneous (within 30 seconds) destruction of odors of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptant that is common for treatment facilities.

For Industrial Companies

The agent is effective in water recirculation systems at industrial companies (circulating water).

It has already received positive reviews from the industrial companies of Republic Bashkortostan and Chelyabinskaya Oblast.

The agent destroys the bacteria that contribute to the formation of outgrowths inside water supply systems and thus it increases the durability of water supply systems and waste water disposal system.

For the Wood Processing Industries

Etoksamin has protective properties during processing of wood biosecurity from rotting and black mold; besides it has a bleaching effect.

The Advantages of the ETOKSAMIN

Does not contain chlorine, phenol, alcohol,
aldehydes and phosphates.
Has deodorizing effect. Not toxic, environmentally-friendly. Safe for the personnel, animals and environment. Does not have any rubefacient action on skin and
mucous membranes.
Does not cause irritation of respiratory organs. In case it gets into the ground it works as a fertilizer.
Easy to prepare, apply and remove. Possesses good mixing properties with water at
any temperature from -45 till +35.
Full compatibility with all surfaces, does not
damage them.
Treatment solutions remain active for 12 months
from the date of their preparation
Economical. Much cheaper than other Disinfectants. 100% concentrate, that means it can be diluted 100-fold. Possibility of multiple use. No analogues; cheaper competitors.
This disinfectant has very wide antimicrobial
effect on gram-positive and gram-negative bacterium,
including mycobacterium tuberculosis, viruses
and mold fungus
The agent is active against viral (polio, Coxsackie
enterovirus infections, ECHO, enteral and parenteral
hepatitis , HIV , influenza, H5N1 avian influenza and the
like, SARS , herpes , cytomegaloviral, adenoviral, etc.)
infections, African swine fever, etc

Packaging and Storage

Packed in polymer bottles, plastic canisters with polymer caps, in steel drums or in any container on Buyers request
Stored in closed suppliers packaging in the place protected from direct sunlight
Non-flammable and non-explosive
If the storage conditions are met the expiration period is 3 years from the date of manufacture

Comparison with other Disinfectants

Problems connected with other agents which were solved in Etoksamin:

Presence of the characteristic odour, mostly toxic chlorine (concentration of chlorine 0.01 mg/l is life threatening ). When working with the solution a gas mask is necessary. Work solution at a concentration of 0.1% causes irritation. Use only in the absence of people. Use only by wiping. Use only at above-zero temperature of the environment. The temperature of the solution is not less 18.
It foams when shacked, you cannot use aerosol. To treat the mold preliminary cleaning is required. Before disinfection you need to wash and/or degrease surface. It is not compatible with soaps and detergents. It is irritating. They are diluted and washed away with drinking water only. Work solution can be used only once. When appearance is changed, the product is unsuitable for use.


In order to comply by law, other brands are not listed. You can read about many of these problems in instructions and descriptions of your current disinfectant.
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